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Junkers Ju 87 B-1 Stuka  - 1:16 Scale

100% Scratch Built handcrafted model. Model engineering. Highly detailed.

Built between 2016 and 2023. Control column and pedals operate ailerons, elevators and rudder. Removable cowlings and hatches show the entire Jumo 211 engine and both gun bays. Both canopies slide. Click for video   [Click for video]

Propeller and Jumo 211 port view

Fuselage halves, frames, stringers, bulkheads

Central wing frame

Fuselage under construction

Fuselage under construction

Stabilizers frame

Instrument panel

Instrument panel

Cockpit accessories

Cockpit accessories - FuG VII receiver/transmitter

Cockpit view, instrument panel

Pilot seat

Cockpit view. Instrument panel, electrical circuit panel, stick, oxygen system

FuG VII installation

Outer panel wings - frames

Wing frame and skin panels

Wheel pants

Jumo 211 engine 100% handmade

Propeller, engine cowlings and radiator intake

Jumo 211 engine installation, bottom view

Jumo 211 engine installation, upper view

Jumo 211 engine, removable cowlings

Highly detailed Jumo 211 port side view

Highly detailed Jumo 211 port side view

Upper view - a magnificent metal model

Sliding canopies, MG 15 machine gun

Diorama - aft view

Canopy, armor

Three-part canopy

Diorama - Ordinance and boxes