Built almost entirely of sheet aluminum, their natural aluminum finish cannot be equaled for reproductions of real aircraft that were also built from this marvelous material. Sheet aluminum also assures a strong, very durable model, and as a result of their astonishing realism, Rojas Bazán models are widely collected by pilots and crews who have flown the real aircraft the models dramatically represent.

B)- Fully retractable landing gear.

C)- All engine panels removable revealing entire engine.

D)- 6 Volt electrical system operates navigation, landing, cockpit interior lights and propeller.

E)- Cannon/ machine gun hatches in wing, open/ reveal gun/ details.

F)- Folding wings (retaining aileron control).

G)- Access doors to feature inside fuselage/ wings.

H)- Interior features (radio equipment, tanks, batteries, etcetera).

I)-  Movable flaps.

J)- Slots.

MULTI - ENGINE 1/24 scale

Actual multi-engine aircraft models are generally large in size, and even scaled down to 1/24 scale, these models can achieve wingspans in excess of three feet. The models may be commissioned in Basic or Special modes:


          Fully detailed exterior, fully detailed cockpit. Painted to the client´s specifications. Shipping/storage box.

Optional Special Features:

          Basic mode + 6 volt electrical system operating navigation/ landing lights and propellers.

Model Features

Optional Special Features:

A)- Operating controls (internal mechanism and cables that operate ailerons, elevators and rudder

SINGLE ENGINE 1/15 scale

The models may be commissioned in Standard or Optional Special Features modes:


Include detailed exterior, detailed cockpit, top of cowling removable to reveal details top of engine (inline engines), aircraft painted to the client´s specifications..