Model Features

Built almost entirely of sheet aluminum, their natural aluminum finish cannot be equaled for reproductions of real aircraft that were also built from this marvelous material. Sheet aluminum also assures a strong, very durable model, and as a result of their astonishing realism, Rojas Bazán models are widely collected by pilots and crews who have flown the real aircraft the models dramatically represent.

B)- Fully retractable landing gear.

C)- All engine panels removable revealing entire engine.

D)- 6 Volt electrical system operates navigation, landing, cockpit interior lights and propeller.

E)- Cannon/ machine gun hatches in wing, open/ reveal gun/ details.

F)- Folding wings (retaining aileron control).

G)- Access doors to feature inside fuselage/ wings.

H)- Interior features (radio equipment, tanks, batteries, etcetera).

I)-  Movable flaps.

J)- Slots.

MULTI - ENGINE 1/24 scale

Actual multi-engine aircraft models are generally large in size, and even scaled down to 1/24 scale, these models can achieve wingspans in excess of three feet. The models may be commissioned in Basic or Special modes:


          Fully detailed exterior, fully detailed cockpit. Painted to the client´s specifications. Shipping/storage box.

Optional Special Features:

          Basic mode + 6 volt electrical system operating navigation/ landing lights and propellers.

Optional Special Features:

A)- Operating controls (internal mechanism and cables that operate ailerons, elevators and rudder

SINGLE ENGINE 1/15 scale

The models may be commissioned in Standard or Optional Special Features modes:


Include detailed exterior, detailed cockpit, top of cowling removable to reveal details top of engine (inline engines), aircraft painted to the client´s specifications..