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[Caption] Rojas Bazan sometimes needs up to a year to build a particularly unusual model.

[Caption] Everything movable: detailed interior of a German Focke-Wulf 190 D.

[Caption] Of this Hawker, Rojas Bazan even found the pilot of the original.

[Caption] The yellow bottle behind the Corsair's engine contains compressed air.

Model airplanes

Guillermo Rojas Bazan builds the best fighter aircraft models in the world. There are even bullet holes and exhaust soot.

When Guillermo Rojas Bazan sends prospective buyers photos of his aircraft models in advance, many collectors have a problem: They don't believe that the planes pictured are actually 1:15 scale replicas. The special thing about the photos is the perfect optical illusion. Bazan is a stickler when it comes to details. The term “true to the original” takes on a new meaning for him: even grease.

He meticulously recreates exhaust soot, bullet holes, weathered material or worn interior upholstery over weeks of work.

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[Caption] Ready to take off: German fighter aircraft from the Second World War, like this Bf 109 G-6, are Rojas Bazan's specialty.

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