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A6M2 Zero fighter type 21

WING SPAN: 80 cm • LENGTH: 60.3 cm • 1/15 SCALE

The ultimate Zero Fighter Type 21, which took about four years to complete. It is constructed with the same framework as the actual machine, including the main frame, main spar, ribs and stringers. The outer panel also expresses the reflection due to the thinness of the aluminum unique to the Zero Fighter on the frame and ribs.

Of course, the inside of the aircraft is also the same as the actual aircraft, including the precision Sakae 12-type engine, which started with the gear case and reproduced the cylinders and auxiliary equipment, as well as the accurate instrument panel and operating equipment in the cockpit, as well as parts that cannot be seen on the outside.

The antenna pillar is painted, but the inside is made of wood. The control stick moves in conjunction with the ailerons, elevators, and foot pedals, and the flaps can be operated manually. This Zero Fighter Type 21 is the true ultimate model.

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Wing Club - Creating the ultimate Zero Fighter model

Wing Club, Japan's only specialty store that handles museum models, desktop models, and finished solid models of aircraft, has recently completed the 1/15 scale "Ultimate Zero Fighter Model 21."

The model took four years to create from the frame and ribs, and the frame, including the stringers and main spar, was created just like the actual machine, and the outer skin that was placed on top of it was designed to take advantage of the sag due to the thinness of aluminum that is unique to the Zero Fighter. It's beautifully reproduced.

The Sakae 12 type engine is made starting from the gear case, and the cylinders and auxiliary equipment are also elaborately finished. When the retractable canopy is opened, the instrument panel and control equipment are displayed inside the cockpit just like the actual aircraft, and the control stick and foot pedals move in conjunction with the aileron, elevator, and rudder. Also, the flaps are manually movable and the gimmick is also great.

This special model is already in the hands of the owner and cannot be purchased, but Wing Club is able to accept orders for such custom-made models at any time. It's truly the ultimate masterpiece.

Wing Club, tel. 03-3499-5124, URL: