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[CAPTION]  An Argentine builds with unmatched precision.

He is considered the best craftsman of miniature airplanes.

Works in the US and uses Poxipol®

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An international model airplane goldsmith

Due to the precision and detail of his work, it is considered the best in the world. For his models he uses Poxipol®, which he defines as unmatched for his work.

His name is Guillermo Rojas Bazán and he is an Argentine who has been living in the United States for ten years. He is 54 years old and is dedicated to professionally building scale model airplanes with such incredible perfection that his work has distinguished him as number one in the world.

One example is enough to prove it: one of his models, whose construction took him three years of work, is valued at one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

Guillermo has come to stand out, after twenty years of successive improvement, based on models that he built in our country for the National Museum of Aeronautics, which were followed by others meticulously made for fans, collectors and institutions from different parts of the world.

But what is interesting here is that he himself says: "I want to highlight the fundamental importance that the very existence of Poxipol® had in my achievement, which is the wonder with which I manage to weld the metal pieces that ultimately make up each of my models. If not, who knows where I would be now!" And this is stated after having tried other adhesives in other countries, even in the United States.

After recounting that he left Argentina to settle first in Spain and then in Israel with his wife, Guillermo says that his first job with airplane models consisted of selling Spitfire reproductions to relatives of pilots who died in combat during World War II. He inherited the vocation from his father, who had already been noted in 1931 for the beauty of his aircraft models.

Coming from a humble family, he began making cardboard reproductions at the age of six. After working in different jobs, back in 1983 he began to make his aircraft with aluminum sheets that he joined with Poxipol® 10 Minutos Metálico. "Many of my models have been assembled for more than twenty years and the goodness of Poxipol® is demonstrated, since I never used any screw to fix the parts, and despite the passage of time the welding remains impeccable."

The most outstanding characteristics of his models are the precision in almost microscopic details since they are reproductions that generally have less than a meter in wingspan, on scales 15 times smaller than real airplanes.

The American journalist Mike Knepper, who interviewed him for a magazine, was surprised by some peculiarities, among which he highlighted the tiny controls, just a few millimeters long, which showed the wear and tear caused by friction with the pilots' gloves, as well as the stains of grease, the exhaust pipes, or the cockpit dashboards that presented the dials of their instruments with needles and glass similar to the real ones.


"I couldn't find a better one"

He says that he tried several adhesives originating in the United States and Europe, but that he prefers Poxipol®, which he uses not only as a glue but also as a filler for small parts, since it can be sanded and painted until the model achieves the most realistic appearance. "Despite everything I searched, I couldn't find anything better than Poxipol®," he emphasizes.