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Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I  - 1:15 Scale

100% Scratch Built - Two Handcrafted Aluminum Models

Built between 1990 and 1999 - Fully detailed cockpit - Electrical system that operates

the propeller, navigation and cockpit lights - Removable upper cowling showing the Rolls-Royce Merlin III engine. Two different models with the same markings, one built

in 1990 and the second in appr. 1996

General view showing the beauty of the model

This model was built in 1990 as a Mk.V, but was later requested to be converted into a Mk.I for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

Waiting for the paint job

Painted model as a Mk.I, No. 610 squadron, june 1940

Nose section showing details

Canopy and cockpit door closed

Canopy and cockpit door open

General view port side

Close-up access door, canopy and antenna mast

Closed upper cowl and cockpit instrument panel

Underside view showing carburetor air intake, radiator and oil cooler

Tail group

Movable elevators and rudder

Rolls-Royce Merlin III and early-type exhausts

Close-up showing upper cowling shape and early-type exhausts

Underside view showing carburetor air intake, radiator and oil cooler

Second model, starboard side

Nose section showing landing gear and wheel details

Inside the cockpit

The cockpit door in detail

General view engine and cockpit

Instrument panel, GM-2 reflector gun sight and control column

Early-type exhausts and Merlin III details

Rear view

Nose details