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(3x) North American P-51D Mustang  - 1:15 Scale

100% Scratch Built - Handcrafted Aluminum Models 

Built between 1990 and 1999 - Engineering model - Three different models.

Operating ailerons, elevators and rudder from cockpit - Operating navigation, identification, landing lights and propeller - Packard V-1650 Merlin engine -

Fully detailed cockpit - Handmade nose art

General view. Upper cowl and canopy open

General view. Upper cowl closed

Close-up cockpit area

Zenithal view

Engine and gun bay details

Gun bay view

Inside the scaled hangar along with the P-47 model

Handmade nose art

Front view of Big Beautiful Doll

Propeller and lights working

The third model inside the hangar

Real aluminum works

Engine details

Sliding canopy