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Messerschmitt Me 262  - 1:15 Scale

100% Scratch Built - Handcrafted Aluminum Model

Built between 1990 and 1999 - Highly detailed model - Fully detailed cockpit - 

Access hatch that opens and closes showing the MK 108 cannons - Diorama

Model painted showing the MK 108 access hatch and canopy in open position

General view showing completed model in bare aluminum

Profile view port side

Closed canopy

Notice flaps and leading edge slats

Engine nacelle tail-end exhaust nozzle, port side

Cockpit view showing instrument panel and Revi 16B gunsight

Cannon access hatch and canopy closed

Nose landing gear details and Mk 108 installation

Main wheel bay structure details

Rear view

In company of the P-47 model

Close-up open canopy