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Messerschmitt Bf 109 E  - 1:15 Scale

100% Scratch Built - Handcrafted Aluminum Model

Built between 1990 and 1999 - Fully detailed model - Daimler Benz 601A engine -

MG 17 machine guns - German style wheels and tires - Electrical system

that operates the propeller and lights

Supercharger air intake, engine mounting and MG 17 installation

Rear fuselage structure half-section

Rear fuselage sections with radio set fitted

Rear fuselage assembled

Rear fuselage assembled showing frames and stringers

Elevators and rudder framework

Elevators and rudder framework

Cowlings removed

Model painted and weathered

General view

Front view showing the running propeller

Propeller, DB 601A engine and mounting

Landing gear details. Handmade German style tires

Fuselage MG 17 layout and DB 601A details

Emil fitted with an optical ZFR-4 telescope and Revi C/12D gunsight -  

Flown by major Adolf Galland, commander of JG26, December 1940

Closed canopy with open window

Rear view showing weathering

Engine mounting structure and supercharger air intake

DB 601A - MG 17 machine guns - Propeller alignment system -  

MG cartridge supply shoot and magazines - Engine mounting structure

Fine Art Models open house in 2002, showing some of Rojas Bazán's models