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Curtiss P-40 B/C - 1:15 Scale

100% Scratch Built - Handcrafted Aluminum Model 

Built between 2000 and 2015 - Highly detailed model - Allison V-1710-33 engine -

Early P-40 version with Flying Tigers scheme

Close up of engine installation, wiring and tubing

Fuselage under construction

Fuselage under construction

Cockpit frames, stringers and longerons

Rear section of the fuselage to starboard

Underside of the wings with wheel wells, flaps and the joint band

Wings underside, flaps and ailerons

Top view of starboard aileron with fixed tab

General view of the port side during construction

Allison V-1710-33 engine

Allison V-1710-33 details, starboard side

Allison V-1710-33 upper view

Allison V-1710 rear view showing the Stromberg injection carburetor

Allison V-1710 scale model ultra detailed

Cowlings and fillets forming in aluminum ready for painting

Allison engine installed

Underside view showing the two radiators for the engine coolant

and the single radiator for the oil cooler

Cockpit view, machine guns and fixed ring sight

View of the filler cap under the port rear window hole

Upper view of the engine and machine guns

Instrument panel, pedals and stick

There were no exterior frames on the windshield in this P-40 version

General view of engine installation

Upper view of the machine gun installation

Left side of the cockpit showing throttle, controls and electrical switches

Close-up spinner and propeller blades

Tail group. Antenna wires attached to the vertical stabilizer

General view of the port side of the model

Starboard view showing engine installation, wiring and tubing

General view of the complete model